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A Soul Potential Development and Empowerment Retreat

28 – 31 October 2022 – 4 days

During these four days retreat the participants will be lovingly taken on a journey deep within to discover and unleash sacred inner powers and soul potentials such as for example Soul Language and Soul Song.

The participants will dive into Direct Soul Communication with their own soul, their spiritual guides, the source, mother nature, and more.

Powerful Tao practices will contribute to developing and strengthening the physical, emotional, mental, and most of all spiritual body so that hidden inner skills like the Third Eye abilities can be activated.

Part of the soul potential development will include guided spiritual readings in the own Akashic Records to find answers for life- questions from within.

The focus of the retreat is to align the soul, heart, mind and body, especially the consciousness with the individual life task and life purpose the soul has come to accomplish here in the earth realm at this particular time of Mother Earth Transformation.

The purpose of the soul development in this embodiment is to find real joy, happiness, health, abundance, and fulfillment in every aspect of life and to be empowered to serve in the highest ways possible in alignment with the source.

This retreat is also a wonderful opportunity to align deeper with the soul in times of change, to remain centered, grounded and protected, and to take the right steps in a new direction in life guided from within.

It’s a perfect frame to receive guidance for relationships, partnerships and cooperation, projects, business ideas or for connecting with the Divine Counterpart.

Included in the Retreat-Special is:

  • Powerful Tao Practices
  • Several powerful Tao Healings
    for individual requests
  • One Tao Crown Chakra Blessing
  • One massage with a Tao Healing Hands
    Massage Expert
  • Sacred Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Soul Light Yoga
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