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How to uplift and nourish your soul, mind and body with light energy nutrition.

Only 3% of humanity knows…

We use light for our bodies as a primal source of energy. This light energy is essential for every cell in our body and of supporting our body’s ability to heal and every biochemical reaction.

All beings on this planet need light energy to live. Without light, there is no life!

Our environment is full of chemicals and pollution that destroy our bodies and, most importantly, leak our biophotons (life force, light energy, prana).

90% of foods we can buy in supermarkets are missing most of their light energy (empty foods).

How can we reconnect to our nature and consume this highly-needed light energy?

We are what we eat and we need in first place light energy through our food and other sources.

Join my 1-day workshop and learn about light energy and much more! Including 1 month of support!

Learn In The Workshop:

  • How to use your natural sensory skills to choose the right food for you
  • What are bioenergetic and biophotonic foods
  • What are light-energy foods
  • How to nourish your soul
  • What dims your light
  • The message of food
  • Learn intuition eating from your soul
  • How to increase your life force energy
  • The connection of biophotons, antioxidants and light energy on the cell level
  • How to increase your light energy
  • What foods to combine and when to consume
  • How to prepare food bioenergetically
  • How to apply the basics of Chronobiological and Bioenergetic Nutrition
  • How to grow your own light energy foods (including Starter-Kit!)

What you get:

Workshop In-Person and 1 Month Support!


  • Sacred Herb Seeds
  • Sacred Healing Plant Seeds
  • Special Light Quantum Powder
  • Unique Biophotonic Supplement
  • Biophotonic Water
  • Light Energy Snacks

Optional additional Biophotonic Analysis (for a fee of 200 €) from the only laboratory in the world to measure your biophotonic progress before and after 1 month!

In-Person Workshop:

Saturday, 20.05.2023
11:00 – 17:00 Uhr
In English and German

Sencelles, Mallorca

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