Eat Light Food!

Why You Should Start Eating Light?

You are made of light! Biofield Science confirms that the human body is essentially made of light. All living beings on this planet need sunlight to survive.

Think about your daily food… is there enough sunlight stored inside for you?

No, if you don´t have very fresh, raw and organic vegetables, fruits, or Living Buddha.

90% of the food sold in supermarkets is devoid of light!

This is due to long transports in the dark and genetically modified food, and food that’s been treated with chemicals and pesticides.

What Is Light Food?

Sunlight is one form of energy. Without this light and energy, there can not be life on earth. In our modern world, our food is measured in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fat, and so on…

But only a few people are aware of the amount of light food that food can store in form of electromagnetic frequency. Plants store this light in from of biophotons – the smallest physical units of light.

Like plants, we as humans are also using this light for our bodies. The vital sun energy is coming from the foods we are eating in form of biophotons. This light is essential for us because it gives us very important bio-information to order and regulate vital life processes and cell functions in our body.

The more sunlight a food can store, the higher the quality and nutritional value it has.

Everything can be measured in the amount of light – the vibrational frequency
(megahertz). Do you know that a healthy cell vibrates at 62 to 78 MHz?
Each organ in your body requires approximately 70 MHz to function at full capacity. If you are sick your cells vibrating at around 58 MHz or lower.

How Can You Raise Your Frequency
And Vibration?