How to raise your frequency?

Everything can be measured in the amount of light – the vibrational frequency. Do you know that a healthy cell vibrates at 62 to 78 MHz?If you are sick your cells vibrate at around 58 MHz or lower. Dr. Robert O. Becker M.D explains that a person’s health can be determined by the human electrical […]

How to increase your blood oxygen naturally?

The consumption of Tetraselmis Chuii (in Living Buddha®) for 1 month obtained similar or higher results in Haemoglobin and Oxygen consumption when compared to a high-altitude or high-intensity training for at least three months. That means: 1 Month Has The Effect Of 3 MonthsOf Training At 3.000 M Altitude! This is the conclusion of a […]

How to awake your natural Beauty?

Do you wish to find the secret to aging and awaken your natural beauty? The secret is: Aging is a slow progression of oxidative stress. The foods we eat, the stress we feel, and the chemicals we expose ourselves to… all speed up this aging process. You may have heard the saying: “Don’t put anything […]