Spreading Light with the Photonic Nutrition Living Buddha®

Soul Light Food’s mission is to awaken and enlighten all humanity to live a happy, healthy, and lightful life. The goal is to raise the consciousness and vibrational state by uplifting the frequency and vibration.

Gloria Kraft is the founder of Soul Light Food® and a “Soul Expert” with over 15 years of intense studies about the soul. She is the creator of the photonic nutrition “Living Buddha®.”

With her expertise, she helps people live healthier and happier lives by increasing their vibrational state and consciousness with photonic nutrition.

She came into this career by way of natural progression and her own healing story. Since birth, Gloria learned from her father, who developed sports nutrition and owned a training research company.

Later in her life, she became a media expert and developed burnout due to a hectic time. In this time, she experimented with phytoplankton and healed herself in about three weeks with this unique algae.

The magic happened, and the photonic nutrition Living Buddha® was born!

Soul Light Foods ingredients for photonic nutrition are ethically sourced and 100% natural and pure for your soul, heart, mind, and body. The photonic nutrition Living Buddha® is 100% vegan, non-GMO, with no chemicals or animal ingredients, and all raw materials are lab tested.

Soul Light Food® uses special violet glass and no plastic to support the Earth because the highest vibration of biophoton energy is in the violet glass.

We are supporting the Love Peace Harmony Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to serve all humanity and to make others happier and healthier. The goal is to raise humanity’s consciousness by singing Love, Peace, and Harmony to uplift the frequency and vibration of Mother Earth. The Foundation initiates and partners with other aligned organizations and nonprofits to offer assistance and support on numerous local and global humanitarian efforts on a practical level.

We are donating to the The Plant A Million Initiative of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation.

For every sold Living Buddha there are 10 trees planted!