How to Boost Your Immunity?

In our world, it is most important to have a strong immune system. In other words, our body has to fight against all kinds of attacks daily.

People taking phytoplankton have shown higher levels of CD3 in their blood. The amount of CD3 in the bloodstream is indicative of the presence of T cells, which help eliminate viruses and bacteria from the body!

It is also very important for our immunity to get enough sunlight – because of the biophotons and the light energy in the sunlight.

Without our whole system is not functioning well.

Light is essential for life. Light nourishes our planet and all creatures.
No light means no life.

Researchers at Georgetown University (US), have found that sunlight energizes the T-cells that play a central role in boosting the immune system.

When a plant recognizes an attacking pathogen, such as a virus, bacterium, or fungus one of the first induced reaction is to rapidly-produce superoxide dismutase (SOD) to strengthen the cell wall! This prevents the spread of the pathogen!

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