Uplift yourself

Have you ever wondered how you can live your full potential and step into your true power?

I have researched this topic for many years, and science is just beginning to discover it.

The secret I will share with you could change your life.

Why are you not feeling happy and healthy every day?

The answer is simple:
You are living in a world that lacks light.

Do you know that people spend on average 90% of their time indoors?

So we are only 10% absorbing light from the Sun, which can significantly impact our health and well-being. Our bodies are craving this so much needed light energy.

Are you one of only 3% of humanity aware of the amount of light that food can store?

Plants store this light in the form of biophotons – the tiniest physical units of light. Biophotons are stored in your body and used by all biological organisms. The purpose of biophotons is much more critical, you maybe have realised, and they are in control of supporting your body‘s ability to heal and every biochemical reaction.

All beings on this planet need light energy to live.

The dilemma is that 90% of the food marketed is devoid of light!

This issue comes from long transports in the dark or chemical and genetically modified food.

What is Living Buddha?

Living Buddha® is photonic nutrition that can influence your light energy. It can boost your energy, reduce stress, give you deep nourishment at the cellular level, boost your oxygen, act as a super-antioxidant and much more!

Living Buddha® is all-natural, paleo, keto, kosher and halal-friendly. The two ingredients, phytoplankton Tetraselmis Chuii and the “Miracle Tree” Moringa Oleifera, are 100% vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, wheat and soy-free with no chemicals, fillers or animal ingredients. For purity, all raw materials are lab tested.

Living Buddha® comes in a unique violet glass (no plastic) to support and protect the highest vibration of biophoton energy. The biophoton sequence analysis of Living Buddha® has proved that with 58%, the main benefit is on the energy sector, followed by 38% of the physical sector.

The result is that the power of the “biophoton-effect” is for uplifting your energy and your physical body performance.

Photonic nutrition can deliver you the vital force at the level of cellular energy production. It contains the energy currency ATP and GTP that your body needs to function well.

You can almost immediately observe how energetic and glowing you feel.

What our clients say...

How it all began...

As the founder of Soul Light Food®, I am a “Soul Expert” with over Fifteen years of intense studies about the soul and light energy. To understand the relationship; you have to know that your soul is a light being. It is the essence of your life and fills you with light energy.

Your soul is vital for you!
If your soul is happy and healthy – YOU are!

My vision is to help you uplift your life to live healthier and happier by increasing your light energy and consciousness.

I learned from my father, who developed sports nutrition and had a training research company. Through natural progression and my own healing story, I discovered more about the connection between our soul and light energy. Later in life, I became a media expert and developed burnout due to a very stressful time. In this time, I experimented with light energy foods, including plants and healed myself in about three weeks.

After this experience, I decided to help others suffering and created the photonic nutrition: “Living Buddha®.”